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Saturday, March 13

A Big Thank You!!

Oh My Gravy!!
What a busy day we had yesterday...all I have to say is THANKS A BUNCH!!! No Kidding...and at one point, I was moving way faster than my brain could keep up. So thanks to those of you that hung in there and showed great patience & understanding. :)

Just wanted to show you a couple of other things that will be available at our Primitve Goods Gathering. Rusty bells and nails, some grungy tea lights and a different type of Primitive Paper.

These are Stationary Bundles with a Quill and Lamplighter. How perfect on an old desk...maybe with some wire rim glasses and an old inkwell.. (hint, hint)

We are almost ready. Well, I say that, but I also know myself too well...there will be some scramblin' at the last minute, I am sure of that! I keep looking at some of my most favorite finds, hoping you will love them as much as I do!

After a couple of busy days, I am taking a few hours to visit with one of my dearest friends tomorrow....she will only be in town a couple of days. She & her hubby are celebrating their anniversary this week and have asked me to join them for a fun day at Disney World! Oh, I am a die hard Disney-phile...I never leave home without my annual pass...who knows when I might need to make an emergency trip to the Magic Kingdom. Epcot and good friends...who could ask for more??

Thanks again for your continued loyalty and support...and, as always, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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Anonymous said...

Greetings my primitive friend, what a lovely giveaway, please add my name to the drawing, I will post it on my blog, please come by and visit sometime, until we meet again, 'Keep it Simple', Ronda