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Sunday, August 25

Is It Really Almost September?

Where did summer go?  Everywhere you look you see Fall inspired decorations...I love it, but wow!  It is moving in quick.  :)

When Pigs Fly in Mt. Dora has celebrated these beginnings with Fall Open House, lovingly called "Harvest Home".  It was amazing and, once inside, you forgot about the FL heat and were able to enjoy every minute.  This is what you see as you walk in from the front porch....

And, this is the "scoop it yourself" area!  Parched corn, cinnamon sticks and rosehips potpourri and little jacks to use as a filler.  See those "to-go" boxes below?  Just fill one up, mix and match, and it's yours!

I want that pumpkin guy...and the box with the little drawers and white knobs he is sitting on!

Enjoy the last days of summer, dear friends...they are fading fast!

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